The People

Behind Compright

We knew there
was a better way

to provide an easy to use, comprehensive and powerful solution that was affordable for our customers.

That’s how Compright was born.

Our team consists of

compensation experts
and solution consultants

to launch you on your Compright journey.

Boyd Davis

Boyd Davis
Co-founder, CEO


Boyd is a 30-year veteran of the technology industry, having held executive positions at companies as large as Accenture and Intel, and startups that you’ve likely never heard of. Prior to Compright, Boyd helped organizations deploy solutions that leveraged data and AI. He is passionate about the opportunity to transform the compensation process, ultimately leveraging data to deliver personalized and equitable compensation to every employee.

Barkat Ali
Co-founder, Chief Product Officer


With a decade of experience building compensation tools, Barkat was keenly aware of the challenges and the opportunities helping customers deploy and adopt compensation management solutions. He became dissatisfied with the complexity and cost the industry was forcing on clients, so like all great entrepreneurs, he went out to fix it. He has become a thought leader in the optimization of the entire compensation workflow, enabling Compright to deliver a comprehensive solution at an affordable cost.

Barkat Ali
Debajit Saikia, Chief Technical Architect

Debajit Saikia
Co-founder, Chief Technical Architect


Debajit views software engineering as a craft, and he’s mastered that craft in over a decade developing cloud based applications for startups. He’s been with Compright since the beginning, and his handprints are evident in our application from requirements analysis and architecture to design and implementation. He gets satisfaction not only from his own contributions, but in mentoring our technical team.