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Compright is dedicated to leveraging technology and AI, but we’re equally dedicated to keeping the human in HR. HR professionals are often bogged down with administrative overhead, especially during compensation reviews, preventing them from focusing on the real task of realizing the potential of human capital. Compright frees up resources to better focus on people and allows HR to promote strategies that establish a lasting culture.


It is widely known that the manager-employee relationship is the key to retention and maximum productivity, but often managers aren’t well equipped to communicate the “why” behind compensation decisions. Compright provides the data to make the right recommendations for compensation and gives managers the confidence to communicate the outcome. Rather than an awkward discussion, the compensation process can generate a dialogue that increases employee engagement.


Payroll is probably the largest expense item for your organization, and it increases by a few percent every year. Do any other investments of that size receive as little data scrutiny as compensation? Compright enables your entire organization to allocate base pay, short term incentives, and long term incentives based on data, ensuring the maximum return on investment.


When organizations reach a certain size, the primary leadership objective of an executive team is to enable their employees to do amazing work. It’s critical that the primary reward for work – compensation – fosters employee engagement and drives greater ingenuity and productivity. When compensation aligns with culture and objectives, results follow.


Our compensation consulting partners offer the best value for their clients when they design a job and compensation structure specifically to help clients meet their objectives. What happens when the project is complete? Compright can help build your design into a system that creates durable value, enabling you to make your clients more successful. If you provide compensation outsourcing, we can make that more efficient. Contact us to talk about our partner referral program.


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Our platform uses data and machine learning to
consolidate all ten factors and allows you to easily
calculate fair and rational plans

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With cloud-based architectures and API integration, customers can utilize best of breed applications with the ease of use of older all-in-one solutions.

A one-stop solution required for a leadership
organization sounds great on paper.

The truth is, it’s a hollow promise.

While a core payroll and HRIS system is always a
good foundation, no platform can provide the best
recruiting, onboarding, performance management,
market data, and a growing range of HR solutions
for the modern workforce.

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