Be fair, accurate, and efficient with your compensation.

compensation software


Our platform combines machine learning with a robust set of tools to streamline and simplify your compensation strategy.

compensation planning software

Configure multiple compensation plans

Build your own variations of base pay, bonus, and stock plans to fit your needs.

Create budgets and guidelines

Allow your managers to model their budget and receive approval early in the planning stages, saving time and allowing quicker implementation.

compensation budgetting software

Allocate pay globally

Develop unique compensation plans for employees based on their country of residence.

Ensure fair pay

A holistic view of your budget allows you to make cost saving and data-driven decisions.

Analyze real time analytics

Managers can easily compensation ratios and rules to help determine employees who are at risk for leaving.

Setup compliance rules

Build your compensation rules and policies using our intuitive rule engine.

Deliver rewards statements and reports

Your people’s sense of purpose plays a crucial role in retntion and motivation. Generate customized reward statements to show your employees their total compensation.

total rewards software

compensation software api

Stay in Sync

Our open API allows us to build custom integrations to over 200+ platforms.
Easily connect the other systems you use to Compright so that your data is always accurate.

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